Burger Burger

True to its name, Burger Burger is THE joint for the tightest burgers in town. Keeping it simple with a specialised menu, BB have the best of each meat and vege option on offer. The potato skins are off the chain and go down well with a generous helping of Aioli made in-house and if you're brave enough i'd recommend washing it down with a chocolate thickshake or a cocktail concocted by one of the boys behind the bar. If your bank account is still feeling it after your New Year blow out, not to worry - BB have Lion Red swappa crates. Winner, winner chicken dinner! If you are going with a big group i'd recommend the New Market restaurant as you are more likely to get a table.

Late Night Diner

Best vege burger I have ever had. For serious. Really unusual type of vege burger, I think that’s what makes it so great. It’s some kind of seed and grain patty, delicious. Also the deep fried pickles are so amazing! And it’s open…. late!! :D

Wildside Bar & Grill

Wildside have some of the best burgers from Northland - and they even let you take them home! I love their hearty portions and awesome range of flavours that you can jazz up with your choice of sauce. There's twice as much reason to go here on a Tuesday or Thursday as they do two for one - amazing!

Ekim Burgers

Best burgers in town, simple as that. Not much more needs to be said, but they cover a wide range and with the expansion that took place on their upper Cuba Street site, it’s a must visit. Last time I went I got the refried beans burger, but all of their classics are great quality in both ingredients as well a value for money. Try anything and you will be impressed, I guarantee it. Though make sure you give yourself time as popularity means sometimes waiting a bit longer, but that can sometimes just make the burger taste that much better.

Al's Deli

Whenever I have a burger craving, the crave waves are always thinking about the Al's burger with onion rings! I have my staple, burger, vege poutine and a root beer. For me, this is absolute food heaven. I usually go with my other half and as soon as the meals come out, conversation stops. What occurs next is a series of 'mmmmmm' murmurings, smiles and nods. Happy place. If you haven't been to Al's, go! You seriously won't regret it.

Pronto Mount Maunganui

Thank God for gourmet burgers. It used to be that burger where the kind of secret shame that you grabbed from a greasy fish n chip shop after a night out drinking… but these days hipsters have revolutionised the humble old burger. Pronto has a great array of burgers to suit everyone, from the indulgent meat-eater (Pulled BBQ Pork Burger) through to the health-conscious hippy (Peanut, Chickpea & Vegie Burger). Get in there now and find one that suits your taste-buds and calorie count.

Burgers & Beers

The chips and gravy here are good but the burgers, they are bloody good, just like this quality establishment's tagline says. A sucker for good-quality Angus beef, if it's on a burger menu, I get hamstrung and can't order anything else. And if a burger joint combines this kind of beef with blue cheese then you've got me as a customer for life. That's why every time I come to Christchurch, I head here and order a Billy Beef & Blue to satisfy that craving. Oh and don't forget to be a good bugger and accompany your burger with a beer because that's what this place is all about.


BEST BURGERS IN THE COUNTRY. Full stop, end of conversation, if you disagree you're wrong and you should go home. My favourite has to be the Sweet Bambi (awesome name), which is a deer burger with sweet Thai chutney smothered over the juicy patty. Yes you just read that right. Be prepared for a wait though 'cause everyone knows that Ferg has it going on - so there's always a queue down the road. My tip would be to go late after a big night, when it's a little quieter as nothing cures the soul and stomach better after a night of debauchery.

Velvet Burger

If you love burgers, you'll love Velvet Burger. The chips here are delicious and the veggie burger is one the best in town. Always packed and always good, there's a lot to love about Velvet Burger.