Perfectly prepared roast tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, poached eggs, toast, hollandaise and amazing hash browns. Paired up with a cup of Supreme coffee and beautiful architecture, it's hard to not find cafe oriented happiness at Olive.


Joe's Garage Wellington

For all those people who hate mornings but love breakfast, this is the place for you. It doesn't matter what time you wake up, the brunch menu will still be going. Pair that with welcoming staff, the smell of coffee, a menu that covers all the best breakfast basics and you are on to a winner.


Sweet Mother's Kitchen

This place is so topsy turvy, anyone and everyone can fit in without being out of place! They serve the best milkshakes ever! Peanut butter milkshakes for breakfast? Yes please! Fried chicken waffles? Best breakfast experience ever! This place is so warm, the staff are always so friendly and so incredibly nice, definitely a go to place for whatever mood really! They have such a neat selection of pies and tarts too!


Cafe Oasis & Restaurant

Great food and service at reasonable prices has seen this business grow. It's our place of choice for Saturday morning coffee and breakfast, not to mention Friday night pizza.


Enigma Cafe

Perennially popular, Enigma ticks every box you'd want from a cafe. Funky decor, inexpensive yet impressive cabinet and menu food, delicious gelato and strong, tasty coffee. Add on the late night liquor license and you have yourselves an all-day winner. And the best part is that the (pictured) eggs benny will only set you back $13. And be sure to bring a dollar for the pinball machine.