99c Week @ Pak N Save Mt Albert (Auckland)

27/09/2018 thomash 0 Comments

Some examples:

Avocado - 99c each
Iceberg lettuce - 99c each
Leek - 99c each
Squash - 99c each
Whole Celery - 99c each
Mangos - 99c each
Green Capsicum - 99c each
Whole or peeled Chinese garlic - 99c per bag
Granny Smith apples - 99c per kg
Raw beetroot - 99c per kg
Green kiwifruit - 99c per kg
NZ oranges - 99c per kg
Swede - 99c per kg
Spring onions - 99c per bunch

Fried chicken drumsticks - 99c each
Fresh scallops - 2 for 99c
Fresh prawn skewer - 99c each
Fresh baked Vienna loaf - 99c each
All fresh baked scones, muffins and doughnuts - 99c each

150g ETA Uppercut potato chips - 99c per bag
1.5l Schweppes soft drink - 99c per bottle
330ml Lo Bros Kombucha juice (Apple and Ginger & lemon flavours only)- 99c per bottle
Griffin's Chocolate and Jaffa Thins - 99c per pack (limit 6) 
Arnott's Milk Arrowroot, Nice and Scotch Fingers - 99c per pack
Street's Cornetto singles - 99c each
Pam's Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches - 99c for box of 6
Pam's Mini Ice Cream Cones (hazelnut flavour only) - 99c for a box of 12
Pam's kitchen sponges - 99c for a pack of 3

There are also bins containing assorted small kitchen utensils and things like face towels, all at 99c each.


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